It’s been just over a year since I finally decided to change from using my Apple iMac as my main computer for my Motion Graphics, to my new Windows PC. I want to quickly talk about some thoughts and findings I gathered during this process.

Why did I decide to change?

The main reason for my…

Here we are again, back with another selection of podcasts to get those creative juices flowing. Podcasts are great for commutes, relaxing evenings or just to get through the slog of your daily work routine. Let’s jump right into it then.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Reading was something I just never did when I was much younger, although as I began creating, I found it was necessary to surround myself with as much knowledge as possible, but doing it in a way that was away from the screen! I spend large amounts of time in…

Over the past two years I have been heavily getting into podcasts. My morning commutes were often pretty boring, spending time on the awkward London Underground where people either are glued into their phones or give you a snare whenever you look them in the eyes.. yup, Londoners for you…

I’ve been having a real issue recently with a ton of new clients who approach me to create work for them. That issue is this:

“AFX/Editor required with grading/sound design capability”

Let me just break this down, taken from a popular creative job website. The client posted a job, looking…

Oh 2016, what a crazy, intense, eye opening, weird, stressful year you have been.

2017 #TypeTuesday I made for RoomCR6.

But its all about 2017 now and looking onwards and upwards to what we can achieve for the new year. More than ever I truly believe you can do whatever the heck you want to do in life, learn anything, experience anything you want. So why not this year take…

Hashmukh Kerai

Motion Graphic Designer | 3D Illustration. Brown boy from East London. Best thing since sliced Naan.

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